Jump-starting 2010: Resolutions


  • Learn PHP, CSS
  • Read 26 books this year
  • Study for and kick ass on the GREs
  • Relearn how to sight sing
  • Learn to cook Chinese food
  • Blog once a week
  • Read (industry) news three times a week
    • Keep up with Google Reader
  • Get through entire Spanish book
  • When in forward bend, be able to bring elbows to ground

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  1. Morgan Sully says:

    Now subscribed to follow up comments:)

  2. dennetmint says:

    I also have other mini goals I’ve been working at for a while: Bake one loaf of bread per week, run, play piano, climb, put out a bimonthly zine. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far to slowly work these things into my life routine:


    • Make bread (I’ve started keeping a food notes blog)
    • Running (optional; depends on how hip feels)
    • Stretch out hip
    • Climbing (either Sundays or Mondays)
    • Call friends
    • Read


    • Piano
    • Climbing


    • Running
    • Learn PHP
    • Read


    • Ice skating (winter only)
    • Work on zine, write letters, craftsy stuff


    • Running
    • Learn PHP


    • The Lord’s Day. Or just my day off.


    • Study Spanish
    • Wrap up loose ends from the week
    • Although it’s sort of loose, Saturday is the deadline if I’m going weekly on my blog
    • Running
    • Read

    This is my tentative schedule; I’m worried I may have already overcrowded my week. I want this to all become a natural part of my schedule, so we’ll see how things shake out in the next couple of weeks. Modifications may be made.

  3. Morgan Sully says:

    and hey, posterous makes blogging as easy as sending an email:

  4. […] it’s time? One of my goals last year was to start learning how to cook the Chinese food I grew up with. I’ve been holding off […]

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