Is technology the new fashion?

While on the evening bike ride last night, I caught a sliver of a conversation between two friends.

“It’s cyclical,” one of them said.

They were discussing analog’s comeback. Admittedly, it’s hardly enough to make a blip in the general population, but the demand for rotary phones, typewriters, lomos, lo-fi and other older technologies is becoming a trend.

“Cyclical.” <CLICK> Is technology the new fashion?

Apple’s done an amazing job turning technological goods into accessories. One might go so far as to say fashion accessories. There is an intentional visual difference between generations of Apple laptops, iPhones and iPods. The entrance of the candy shelled iMacs was game-changing, pinpointing technological goods to the year they were released.

It goes without saying that current fashion trends are usually a blend of trendsetting aspirations and inspirations from the past. My mom and I are about 35 years apart, yet I still wear several of her pieces, from clothes to jewelry, every other day. Vintage, retro, antique, shabby chic, however you frame it, it’s plausible that fashion peaked at one point and now draws from its strongest successes.

There have even been points where fashion and technology have elided. At SXSWi last year, a panel briefly discussed how HP had employed fashion designers to clad their notebooks with style. Every other year since 2008, new designs have debuted each year at New York’s Fashion Week (for images of Vivienne Tam’s latest clutchbook, click here).

However, it could be argued that the difference between fashion and technology is that fashion has peaked. Capes, empire waists and Jackie O, today’s fashion is turning a fresh eye on the tried-and-true. There is some revival of old technology, but whether tech will also peak is anyone’s guess. I imagine if it did, it would be in one of those doomsday scenarios. However, one thing’s for certain: From the moment man “invented” fire, technology has been on a long trajectory.


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  1. dennetmint says:

    Speaking of analog, the laptop sleeve from Thomas Paul‘s Luddite collection:

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