Design literacy needed: Oh Joy! puts Earth Day at -1

In honor of Earth Day, this Parisian fool is going to load his vintage Fiat with about a thousand pounds of soil and shrubbery.

In honor of Earth Day, Oh Joy! has shared this piece of design candy with her readers, kicking them over to manufacturer BacSac.

And for the sake of Earth Day—I cannot find a dramatically suitable way to say this, but—I am appalled beyond words! The readers have gone gaga!

Do the math. 132 gallons = 500 liters = ~1,000 pounds. Soil is heavy. Heavier than the driver and his kids combined. Those sprouts cannot hope to offset the extra pollutants the car is putting out. On top of that, the car is decades old and uses outdated technology that is likely less efficient than new models on the road.

Case and point, friends: Trendy green. Anything is forgivable as long it’s visually chic. Oh Joy! is a staple design blog, and I’m floored by the irresponsible curation. I can’t remember the last time i saw a bigger black hole in critical thinking.

Misinformation: +1, Earth Day: -1.


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