Morning inspiration: Duet

I’m a little embarrassed to own up to my most recent Hulu find, The LXD, yet for some reason, I can’t help but share it with everyone. My explanation goes something like this:

It’s called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. The plot’s awful, but the dancing and cinematography are amazing. It’s about these dancers whose superpower is dancing. And there’s this babbling fool archetype who introduces each episode, a black man who stares into space like he’s blind. Sort of a forced Professor X character but for this legion whose battling a bad troupe—not bad dancers, mind you, but evil—except it’s not clear at all what’s at stake. But seriously. The dancing. There are no special effects.

So having now made my admission, what better way to start a morning lush with rain than with this clip? (If video doesn’t work, click here)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bonus: Robot Love Story


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One Response

  1. Magueycita says:

    marvelous. your description was better than the video, though. 🙂

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