350 or bust

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Today’s been kind of hard. One of my best friends works for, a Bill McKibben initiative that unites people in a worldwide campaign to their leaders: There must be under 350 parts per million CO2 in order to slow global warming. Right now, we’re at 388.

Things like these always make me turn inward. What did I do today to recognize 350? Let’s see…. I biked, I did yoga, I went to the grocery store for some sundries. The thing is, none of these were done in recognition of 350. They’re what I do on a normal basis. And I found myself feeling guilty—me, who does not own a car; who brings her own tupperware to restaurants; who line dries clothes when weather permits; who may not be a vegetarian but cooks vegan—that I even purchased something, might turn on my gas stove today. Not that there isn’t more I can do, but c’mon! I realized I’m being silly.

About a year ago, agonized by the thought I might be resting on my laurels, I asked on FB what practical steps my friends took in hopes that there might be something new to incorporate. My, was that a long thread.

My bestie and I have discussed where the most significant reductions in personal environmental actions come from: Home, transportation and food. Relatively speaking, everything else will be a drop in the bucket.

So days like these, I have to take a moment and remind myself that there’s also a place for national and international protest (even via social media!). It’s not about what I’m depriving myself of today in recognition—indeed, that’s a rather depressing way to think about something so critical. Rather, it’s about joining with the rest of the world in celebration and recognize not “what you can do for your country,” but “what can your country and leaders do for you.”

I have less than 12 hours to come up with a creative way to celebrate, but in the meantime I’m going to follow the suggestions on and be happy with this stand-in:

Date: #101010

Dear world leaders,




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One Response

  1. Pranaganesh says:

    Well said. Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Thanks for sharing!

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