2010 assessment and 2011 resolutions

I love making lists. I think I’m pretty good at letting myself deviate, but lists are like loose road maps for me.

This new year’s, something my yoga teacher said kept echoing in my mind: “Do what you need to do to let yourself succeed.” I think the key to resolutions is not to beat myself up if I don’t accomplish them. Rather, I’m examining why I didn’t accomplish them and if I really care. If I’m mad at myself for not seeing something through, then it’s time to break it down: What are my baby steps to reach that goal?

Last year, I was so excited to set resolutions that I posted them a week before the new year. Here’s how I stacked up:

2010 resolutions:

  • Learn PHP, CSS
    • Devoted a good chunk of my vacation in Hawaii to learning PHP but got lost in a certain concept and couldn’t quite find my way back out.
  • Read 26 books this year
    • I made sure that, at the very least, I finished 10. Since completing my 52-book goal, I’ve been trying to keep that thread alive by setting a book goal every year. What I’ve learned over time: I read a lot, just not necessarily books. I also start a lot of books that I don’t like enough to finish.
  • Study for and kick ass on the GREs
  • Relearn how to sight sing
  • Learn to cook Chinese food
    • I don’t know how to tell if I’m on the right track with this one. I have, however, incorporated more Chinese ingredients into my cooking.
  • Blog once a week
  • Read (industry) news three times a week (keep up with Google Reader)
    • I don’t know that I read it three times a week, but I do check it weekly and am pretty happy with the results.
  • Get through entire Spanish book
  • When in forward bend, be able to bring elbows to ground
    • Still working on those last three inches. So close!

So here are my 2011 resolutions:

  • Get through a whole session of yoga without being able to see
  • Elbows to floor when in forward bend
  • Learn PHP, CSS
    • Build my own website
    • Make a semi-regular comic translating everyday actions and conversations into PHP
  • Read 12 books, three of which can be old faves
  • Learn to bike without hands
  • Lose the extra pounds I’ve gained since moving to Michigan (I know all the hullabaloo around body image, but I’m comfortable setting this goal for myself)

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2 Responses

  1. HeatherK says:

    Whoa… you can’t bike without hands? What a sad, safe little childhood you must have had!

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