About dĕ•NĔT•mĭnt

I usually approach blogs from a journalistic point of view: Focus on one topic and close it out when the issue’s been adequately addressed. However, this blog is a collection of my wanderings and musings, probably mostly exploring journalism and ethnicity. Very likely, this will be my only ongoing blog.

And for the record, it’s pronounced dĕ • NĔT • mĭnt. Why “Dennetmint?” Because good nicknames are hard to come by when you’re starting with “Denise,” but in high school, the kid who loquaciously pulled my braids did just that, et voilà! I am DENNETMINT. Some like to think minty fresh.

Visit Internet sundries à la Dennetmint for more frequent glimpses of things that catch my eye, from technology to art, movement to literature.



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