A Beedazzling Spellebration: Li•ter•a•cy (noun)

The Rapidian was honored today by the Literacy Center of West Michigan with the Marshall Pitler Public Relations Award. We were one of the last to be announced at the Beedazzling Spellebration and had the chance to really steep in all the emotions that played across the stage. The tutors, students and families recognized for their diligence – Eritrean, Mexican, American – were just a few swatches from the gradient that fills in the Literacy Center.

Before we went up, they played a video compiled and edited by various students and tutors who couldn’t make it tonight. Among the testimonies was a Vietnamese woman, Hai (2:13), who shared that the Literacy Center equipped her with the confidence to serve her community better by being able to translate for her neighbors at medical appointments or childrens’ school functions.

It resonated. My mom moved to the States a couple years ahead of our birth (twins), and even though her English is versatile, her understanding is blameless, she never trusted herself. At the doctor’s office, in banks and on the phone, she insisted that I stand nearby, always checking her own understanding against mine.

There must have been something like the Literacy Center in the South Bay, and seeing Hai beam, I wish my mom had had the same.


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Design literacy needed: Oh Joy! puts Earth Day at -1

In honor of Earth Day, this Parisian fool is going to load his vintage Fiat with about a thousand pounds of soil and shrubbery.

In honor of Earth Day, Oh Joy! has shared this piece of design candy with her readers, kicking them over to manufacturer BacSac.

And for the sake of Earth Day—I cannot find a dramatically suitable way to say this, but—I am appalled beyond words! The readers have gone gaga!

Do the math. 132 gallons = 500 liters = ~1,000 pounds. Soil is heavy. Heavier than the driver and his kids combined. Those sprouts cannot hope to offset the extra pollutants the car is putting out. On top of that, the car is decades old and uses outdated technology that is likely less efficient than new models on the road.

Case and point, friends: Trendy green. Anything is forgivable as long it’s visually chic. Oh Joy! is a staple design blog, and I’m floored by the irresponsible curation. I can’t remember the last time i saw a bigger black hole in critical thinking.

Misinformation: +1, Earth Day: -1.

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