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Hey, everyone—

I probably should have told you a while ago, but I didn’t know how to check whether this blog has subscribers. I’ve switched from a WordPress-hosted blog to one hosted on my own domain. If you’d like to keep up with my musings and wanderings (and I hope you do! There are actually some major changes coming up in the next couple of months), please subscribe to the RSS feed for the new domain. I’ll be redirecting this blog to my new domain again at the end of the month.


PS: I’m working on a few entries right now about discussions with Grand Rapidians concerning the American Dream; trauma, projection and compassion; and a scene of what it’s like to be a woman in a deceptively small town. Here’s what I’ve written about in the last few months:


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Too much news content? A question to interest-based journalism

Somebody has to say it to those news orgs, and it might as well be me: Give it a rest already!

Here’s the thing: Every time I go to my Google Reader, I am overwhelmed with the amount of content coming in. I mean, really? 500 pieces of fresh content over one week from a tech pub?

And mind you, I divide my reader into niche coverage: tech, news, media dev, &c. As much as I applaud the amount of coverage these bureaus crank, I don’t really care whether some news org is just thinking about mobile, whether another is waiting for alternatives to the iPad. Are you so chained to the 24/7 news cycle that you’ve positioned reporters to catch the slop? That should thought leaders bend the crook of their elbow to return the cup to its saucer—an inquisitive look—suddenly it’s JUST IN: STEVE JOBS ENTERTAINED AN IDEA! PROBABLY ABOUT MOBILE!

My reader, slimmed down from over 2,500 articles in one week from 70 subscriptions. I will say GigaOm is one consistently good provider of content despite the amount they churn. And news flash: Did you know that Steve Ballmer went Twitter crazy in Kiev?

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